The Black Branch Story: Creating a Better Shooting Bag

What began as a gift from one brother to another


hile deployed to Iraq, I used my free time to learn how to sew due to demand for uniform repair. Soon my fabric repair services were requested by soldiers all over the FOB because of the constant wear and tear on uniforms. Soldiers began requesting special-order items, such as radio pouches and grenade vests.


fter retiring from active duty, my brother Craig asked me to make him a shooting bag based off of his specifications. After using that bag at a PRS-sanctioned shooting event, Craig asked me to upgrade the bag’s design for him. He wanted a bag that wouldn’t slip or slide on smooth surfaces.


raig’s updated bag drew attention from other competitive shooters. Soon they were reaching out with requests for that bag. What began as a gift from one brother to another led to the creation of the Gecko Series of shooting bags. Based on the success of that upgraded bag, I decided to form Black Branch Shooting Sports.


he feedback I have received has been positive and beyond all expectations.

At Black Branch, we design cutting-edge accessories crafted with impeccable attention to detail and function to give serious competitors a strategic advantage.

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