Charlie rear shooting bag provides stability for rear rifle rest

Back to the Basics : The Charlie Rear Bag

Stability One of the primary fundamentals of marksmanship is stability. It plays a bigger role than you could imagine. The Charlie, while simple in design, is a game changer in innovation that leads to improved stabilization. Overall, that means higher consistency and tighter groups. I've used lot's of different rear bags. In reality, they're all… Continue reading

Gecko II makes stable platform for shooting off a round-tube gate

Versatile, Balanced Shooting Bag: Gecko II

The Gecko II barricade bag turns almost any surface into a stable shooting platform. The Spider-Bag, The Suction-Cup, The Gum-Stuck-To-Your-Shoe; No matter what you call this shooting bag, the name holds true - The Gecko II holds on to whatever it comes into contact with. Taking a break from the heat! Versatile The Gecko II… Continue reading

Patent drawings of the Gecko II and Black Branch fill

Black Branch Granted U.S. Patent No. 10,323,898

Black Branch Shooting Sports, Inc. has been granted U.S. Patent No. 10,323,898 for the following products: Product SKU: G2- ---> Patent No. 10,323,898 Gecko II Shooting Support Bag: Product SKU: Fill_Elite ---> Patent No. 10,323,898 Standard fill: Our Standard fill combines a patented ratio of rigid, durable engineering grade polymer pellets and buckwheat hulls. Product… Continue reading

Moose and Elk hunting on snow covered terrain with mountain range rising in the distance in Alberta Canada

Hunting Elk and Moose with a Gecko II

We received a call from our new Canadian friend Martin. He wanted to use a Gecko II for hunting during Moose and Elk season in Canada. We promptly shipped his bag to him in Alberta. After that hunt he followed up by sending us photos of beautiful Alberta with the following feedback: As far as… Continue reading