Your First Precision Rifle Series Match: A Beginner’s Guide

Your First Precision Rifle Series Match: A Beginner’s Guide

Precision rifle shooting is a great way to advance from more basic forms of target shooting. If you enjoy going to the range and want to try something new, long distance shooting can be a natural way to go. Many people who want to get into precision rifle events worry that they don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary. However, attending an event is a great way for a beginner to learn and grow. Read on for some tips on how to break into this niche shooting sport.

The first thing to do is conduct a little research and find a match that works for you. Often, local clubs hold small scale matches; these are ideal venues to get your feet wet. Do some internet searching to find a match in the next couple of months, and look for anything you could reasonably drive to. Don’t get caught up looking for the perfect venue; just pull the trigger on the first one you find you could make it to!

Once you have an event in mind, make yourself a checklist of information you need. How long before start time would it be good to arrive? Will you need to fill out any paperwork or attend a safety session as a shooter new to that venue? How long will you be there? How many rounds will you need? Contact the match organizer if you have any questions you can’t answer online. They should be happy to help a newcomer!

A long range shooter takes aim at a distant target.
It is usually easy to find someone willing to lend you a shooting bag, as well as other useful gear. [Photo credit: Joel Wise]
Many people assume that they are not ready to go to a match without this or that gear. However, when going to your first match, it is totally fine to bring the gear you want. All you should need is a scoped rifle with a bipod and ammo suitable for the distance. Even if you are missing some of that, it is usually easy to find someone willing to lend you a bipod, as well as other useful gear like a tripod, support bag, etc. Precision rifle shooters are very welcoming and eager to help newcomers!

It is a good idea to get out to at least your first match before you start investing in expensive gear like custom rifles, range finders, and high quality optics. If you don’t like the sport, no amount of nice gear will change that! The most important thing is to get out and try your first match and see if you have fun. Once you start getting hooked, that is the time to invest in upgrades.

Precision rifle shooting is a great way to move up from basic range shooting. If you are tired of shooting at a target and want to try out your skills, find a group near you! Chances are, you will be ready to go with the gear you have, and only minimal investment in gear specific to precision rifle shooting. Don’t worry about whether you’re ready, just jump in and find a match as soon as you can!