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Rear Bag Charlie - Coyote ToughTek
Rear Bag Charlie - Coyote ToughTek
Rear Bag Charlie - Coyote ToughTek
Rear Bag Charlie - Coyote ToughTek
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Rear Bag Charlie - Coyote ToughTek

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The Rear Bag Charlie is uniquely designed so you can customize your bag to meet your needs using innovative design features. We understand that each shooter has unique preferences with their shooting bags and spend time researching the bag that will give the best feel and performance. The Rear Bag Charlie is a smaller lighter shooting bag that can travel easier and adjust to the slightest pressure of the shooter.


Each Rear Bag Charlie is prefilled with 2 pounds of our patented locking fill. Our Responsive Locking Fill™ technology has two options upon purchase: the Elite Fill and Standard Fill. 

With either of our unique fills your bag quickly conforms to the shooting surface and the shape you need to give you just the right amount of support where you need it. Because the fills bind rather than slip, they provide a solid shooting platform that consistently responds to your slightest squeeze to easily fine-tune each shot.


Each Rear Bag Charlie is designed to adjust the volume of the Responsive Locking Fill™ with a durable hook-and-loop closure. The large fill opening allows the shooter to change the fill volume in less than a minute. 


The Rear Bag Charlie is designed with Stick-Fast Surface Technology™ on the entirety of the bag. The patented design uses a high friction material to grip to any difficult surface. No more slipping and sliding on challenging surfaces; whether on metal, plastic, wood, or glass. 


The Rear Bag Charlie is made with US sourced materials and made with pride in the heartland of America. Our attention to details and maintaining high standards, leads our team to to have a higher quality product. We take pride in the fit and finish of each Rear Bag Charlie handcrafted in Missouri with experience and passion. 

Our inspection process includes quality control on the materials, sewing, and fill. We inspect each bag after it is filled and we stand behind our manufacturing warranty.


Bag Weight - 3.3 ounces

Fill Weight - 3 pounds

Dimensions - 8" L x 6" W x 2.5" H

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeff Hegwald
Charlie Bag

The Charlie bag fit in between a large and a small bag I use a lot. Buddy had one of these and
Found myself borrowing it enough it was time to get my own.
Bag came filled enough that I am going to take a bit out so it is not quite so solid. This is NOT a complaint by any means. Bought a few bags that were not full enough from other vendors in the past.
Nice “grippy” material not to much so as to make slight adjustments and not slick like some nylon covers.

Dustin Smith
Best PRS bag period!

The best customer service! The Gecko II is By far the best bag for PRS style shooting. Paired with the rear Charlie you can’t go wrong and will be amazed how well the bags grip and lock. Conforms and is solid locking on many different surfaces. Quality sewn and made. An excellent Made in America product!

Bryan Lane
I only wish you made more stuff.

What a difference it's made, it's really night & day. The first photo is the target the round prior to getting your bag, the second is the first time out with your bag. Both were shot the same way, 3 rounds each around the outside, then 8 rounds at the middle target, for a total of 20 rounds. Absolutely fantastic product & super well made. And by the way, I noticed you were up late that night sending it out, I got it in two days! Unbelievable customer service & you should be commended for it. I only wish ya made more stuff.

Anthony Pollina
I'm really enjoying this shooting bag!

I wanted to take a minute to let you know. The first time I came across this product I was with a few friends shooting precision rifles, after a few hours of working my a** off trying to keep this heavy rifle steady to place a good shot. I switched shooting posts with a friend and he left his bag on the bench, so I gave it a try and holy crap! These guys were cheating all along! Suddenly I could place round after round in the same hole with ease! I had to add one to my collection! I tried ordering online but had a hiccup with PayPal so I called Mike up and placed it over the phone; the owner answered the call himself (awesome). Mike upgraded my order for the inconvenience. I received my bag in 2 days. This company is of the highest quality product backed by killer customer service! Five stars for these guys! Place your order with confidence- this is the bag!

Tim Quirarte
Must have for zeroing your rifle

The Charlie rear shooting bag is a must have for zeroing your rifle. It's unique heavy fill and sticky rubber surface makes for an incredible, responsive and essential rear bag. I highly recommend it.