Moose and Elk Hunt with Gecko II

Review for Gecko II Barricade Shooting Bag

As far as the bag, I like it very much; it is pliable and light weight. We had it with us during hunting. Not light enough however to take on sheep hunts, but it was not meant for that. I don’t have any actual action photos because in the heat of the moment, taking pictures is not on your mind. I like the versatility of it. There are numerous heights/positions it can be deployed.

Example: In a kneeling position it works great to get more elevation by putting the bag between your elbow and your knee. This is helpful to get above tall vegetation.

I would classify this bag as a medium duty shooting bag most suitable for light to medium weight rifles.

I used the bag at the gun range with a heavy 50 BMG but it’s a strain on the bag. The stitching is pulled tight with guns like that.

Found an anti-slip surface very useful, however at around 20 deg F the cold temperature on windshield has an effect on the stickiness.

So all in all I found it a positive product. A few people played with it and liked it.

Most excellent service for sure.