I’m really enjoying this shooting bag!

Review for Rear Shooting Bag Charlie

I wanted to take a minute to let you know. The first time I came across this product I was with a few friends shooting precision rifles, after a few hours of working my a** off trying to keep this heavy rifle steady to place a good shot – I switched shooting posts with a friend and he left his bag on the bench…… so I gave it a try – and holy crap! These guys were cheating all along! Suddenly I could place round after round in the same hole with ease! I had to add one to my collection!

I tried ordering online but had a hiccup with PayPal so I called Mike up and placed it over the phone – the owner answered the call himself (awesome). Mike upgraded my order for the inconvenience.

I received my bag in 2 days.

This company is of the highest quality product backed by killer customer service! Five stars for these guys! Place your order with confidence- this is the bag!