Let’s get straight to the point

Review for Gecko II Barricade Shooting Bag

Let’s get straight to the point. You want a barricade bag to help with shooting from barricades, right? How about a bag that just does it all? Enter, the Gecko II.

I wanted this bag because it was different. I decided to take a gamble on a product that wasn’t all the rage. That gamble certainly paid off.

A rifle rests on barricade supported by a Gecko II barricade bag

It’s tough as nails, practical and extremely useful. The grippy texture keeps this thing in place, no mater what you put it on. I’ve put it on the side of a vertical 4×4 and placed the rifle on top of it while gripping the bag with my off hand. I’ve seen other shooters toss their bag onto a horizontal support and the bag just slips off because it’s unbalanced. With the Gecko, that isn’t a problem. It just stays where you put it.

It’s also replaced all of my rear bags. This thing is so versatile, it should be the only bag you ever need outside of a support pillow, which I plan to pick up next from Black Branch.

Black Branch deserves all the praise that they get, because they’ve earned it with a phenomenal product matched with above and beyond customer service. They’ve earned a customer for life.