Being new to PRS & NRL22 I wasn’t sure what all I even needed

Review for Pillow Shooting Bag Alpha

Being new to PRS and NRL22 series shooting I wasn’t sure what all I even needed, so I did a lot of research and ended up ordering a gecko II & an alpha bag.

The Alpha Shooting Bag view of Stick Fast Surface Technology with printed logoThe tacky material helped make up my mind. Love them both, especially the alpha pillow bag, great for filling voids, no buckles or anything to poke you, I actually use this a lot for a front bag.

Sometimes you need extra height, so turn it on it’s end. Or leave it flat strap it easily & quickly to your rifle and it’s a super steady front rest … it’s so wide the rifle is real steady on it. Need it off during a stage? Pull the Velcro straps & in about 2 seconds your rifles clean. And it’s extremely light.

Thinking of ordering a 2nd one for times when I need it as a front bag & a space bag.