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Winter Inventory Clearance Sale!

If you have wanted to try a Gecko II, now you can pick one up at half price!

  • Only first generation Arid bags remain. They do not have internal reinforcement which strengthened all internal seams.
  • Clearance bags include FREE priority mail shipping but do not include a warranty.

All sales are final.

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Gecko II Unique Features Give You an Edge

We know the feel of your shooting bag, how it fits your hand and responds to your grip, is very personal. The Gecko II ™ is uniquely designed so you can customize your bag to meet your needs.

Responsive Locking Fill™

Choose from 2 types of Responsive Locking Fill™ technology to get the feel that matches your grip.

With either of our unique fills your bag quickly conforms to the shooting surface and the shape you need to give you just the right amount of support where you need it. Because the fills bind rather than slip, they provide a solid shooting platform that consistently responds to your slightest squeeze to easily fine-tune each shot.

Long-time shooters know that ordinary plastic pellets lose shape and can compress over time, requiring the addition of more fill. We tested polymers for more than six months before selecting two specific engineering polymers for our Responsive Locking Fill™. These high quality, more expensive cutting-edge performance polymers were developed for the automotive industry: They’re resilient, durable, and moisture-resistant. Your Gecko II ™ will never become compressed because the pellets won’t change shape. You’ll never need to add fill to keep your Gecko II ™ effective.

No additional fill needed over time because we ship your Gecko II filled to maximum volume capacity.

Our Standard Fill is a proprietary blend of engineering grade polymer pellet and buckwheat hulls provide a firm, stable base unlike cheaper plastic pellets that have a bad habit of shifting just as you squeeze off your shot.

Our Standard fill combines rigid, durable plastic pellets (a proprietary engineering grade polymer) and buckwheat hull to provide a firm, stable base unlike cheaper plastic pellets that have a bad habit of shifting just as you squeeze off your shot.

Our Elite fill is a proprietary engineering grade soft polymer pellet provides a cushioned, stable base.

Our Elite fill offers a feel unlike any produced before. This durable engineering grade polymer is custom formulated for a softer, gel-like feel that cushions without feeling spongy. It offers surprising stability* and just feels great in your hand. This polymer is extremely resilient and returns to its original shape after getting “squeezed”. *These pellets may harden below 45 degrees causing them to slip just a bit.

In response to your feedback, we now offer you the choice of either or both fills.

The Gecko II™ weighs approximately six pounds when filled to capacity regardless of fill option, allowing you to travel light during competition without sacrificing utility.

We encourage you to experiment and discover how the properties and feel of the bag change by adjusting the amount of fill. We suggest starting by removing a cup of pellets and then fold the top of bag together in the a shape of a semi-circle. Test your level of support on a rung to determine what feels right for you for example.

Easily adjustable fill volume

Adjust the volume of fill easily with a simple, durable hook-and-loop closure.

With Stick Fast Surface Technology™

The entire top and bottom surface of the Gecko II™ features Stick Fast Surface Technology™. No more slipping and sliding on challenging surfaces. The Gecko II™ gets traction where you put it, whether on metal, plastic, wood — even glass!

Personalize Your Bag with Your Name

Create a one-of-a-kind shooting bag you’ll never lose with personalized UV printing: add your name or other text for only $10. Upon receipt of your order, your name is printed and your one-of-a-kind bag goes into production. We will NEVER print a duplicate name so reserve your name now.

One-of-a-kind orders are FINAL and will NOT be refunded once printed.

Fit & Finish

Our attention to detail, from material and fill to design and production, assures you always have a lasting competitive edge.

We take pride in the fit and finish of each Gecko II™ handcrafted in Missouri with old-world quality. The 550 denier Mil-Spec Cordura sides are soft and supple.

While we inspect each bag after it is filled, rest assured that if we miss a product defect, we stand behind our product warranty.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 7 in

Arid – 1st gen

Fill Type

Elite Fill, Standard and Elite Fills, Standard Fill


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