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Author: Justin Starkey
Written: July 23, 2019


One of the primary fundamentals of marksmanship is stability. It plays a bigger role than you could imagine. The Charlie, while simple in design, is a game changer in innovation that leads to improved stabilization. Overall, that means higher consistency and tighter groups.

I’ve used lot’s of different rear bags. In reality, they’re all kind of the same. What I mean by that is, you can only redesign the wheel so many times before things start getting a bit “overthought”. With the Charlie, that wheel…er, nail was hit right on the head!


With the Charlie, that wheel…er, nail was hit right on the head! 


What’s so good about it? Glad you asked! For starters, it’s dense. Compared to its size, it’s surprisingly heavy. Though it’s not so heavy that it’s a bear to carry to the range or pack for the hunt. The weight plays a very important role in the stability piece of its job. With a lightweight rear bag, you can find yourself readjusting after every shot. The Charlie’s weight ensures that your rifle’s recoil won’t push you too far away from a successful follow up shot.


As if the density wasn’t enough, the whole bag is made from Stick Fast material. This makes every surface of the bag extremely grippy. When you’re fumbling around with Buck fever or stressed by the shot timer, that grip is much appreciated. The Charlie also has a generous length of webbing sewn into it which allows you to keep it secured to your hand. There’s also a small webbing loop sewn into the corner of the bag to use as an attachment point.


While simple, the Charlie still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Due to its rectangular shape, it offers 3 “steps” in elevation. You can then use your off-hand to squeeze the bag for finer adjustment. It’s a process that’s so intuitive that it just becomes second nature.

Whether you’re on the stalk, or in the stand; Dealing with the pressure of competition or working on your groups – the Charlie will provide the stability for every shot. 


Justin Starkey lives in South Texas with his wife, 3 kids and 4 horses. Justin spends most of his time working as a Support Engineer for a large MSP, listening to Podcasts and day dreaming about being at the range. In his past, he was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas with 2/8 CAV 1 Cavalry Division being deployed twice to Iraq.