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About Black Branch Shooting Sports


Hello Black Branch community!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are a family-owned business crafting shooting accessories in the heartland of America, St. Louis, Missouri. We believe that our products should be the best fit for any activity, either being out in the wilderness or on the range in precision competitions. We are on a mission to constantly improve our current products and image the next generation of shooting equipment. We value the feedback of all our customers, good or bad, and take those thoughts and comments to designing the best shooting equipment possible.

Nicole Robbins – President

After completing my degree in Chemical Technology, I began my professional career with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of self-defense products. I spent the next 10 years as the Laboratory Manager in charge of quality control, new product development and global product compliance. One of the highlights of my time there was developing the company’s bestselling product! I had the privilege to work with agencies all around the world customizing our products to their specific needs for civilian and law enforcement applications. During this time, Brett and I welcomed to our first two children. Shortly after the birth of our second child, I made the decision to stay at home full-time to raise our children. After the birth of our third child, I was looking to reenter the workforce and being introduce to Black Branch, I knew that this was the right fit.

I am so excited for the opportunity to share our products, and work with the wonderful people in this industry. I look forward to the challenge to of pushing Black Branch to the next level and provide each customer with products that meet their individual needs.

Brett Robbins – Vice-President

I started my professional career by getting a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. My first job was working in the Aerospace Machining industry as an Industrial Engineer. It was at this job I met several great people and was introduced to shooting sports. I was instantly hooked and bought my first firearm, a 22 LR bolt-action rifle. I moved on from that industry and spent the next couple years traveling the US and Canada performing mechanical audits on conveying equipment. Since then, Nicole and I had the blessing to have 3 wonderful kids while I spent 5 years working as an Operations Manager for the North America division for an international pest control company. I spent the last year as an Engineering consultant for local St. Louis companies, where I were introduced to Black Branch.

Being a perfectionist, always looking for ways to improve processes and products. I am excited and ready to put all my effort into making the best shooting sports products and creating new products for the next generations of shooters.

Kathy Robbins – Production Manager

I have sewn for over 50 years in almost every sewing environment - from weddings to high production manufacturing.  As the mother of five sons, “weapons” (be it sticks, stones, a first pocket knife, a sword or gun collection) have been part of my mothering experience.  I have been making sheaths, handles, holsters, straps, bags, or whatever else was needed for many, many years.  I am delighted to offer my skills as a seamstress and production manager to our family business. Our family has supported each other’s dreams and goals throughout our endeavors. We look forward to bringing that attitude into furthering our customer’s goals by producing quality shooting sports products.