Your best performance demands the best PRS gear

We design cutting-edge shooting bags to increase your speed and accuracy giving serious competitors a strategic advantage.

Veteran-owned. Proudly made in Missouri.

Do you want a rock-solid shooting platform that gives you an edge?

Gecko II sticks to glass!

The Gecko II barricade bag sticks to anything.

Gecko II as a rear bag

Ricardo Soto also uses his Geko as a rear bag

An Alpha & Charlie combo

Craig uses a combination of shooting bags: an Alpha shooting bag to fill voids and a Charlie for a stable shooting platform

The Gecko was designed to give long-range shooters an edge in competition and in hunting.
But don't take our word for it . . .

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Vapor Trails Steel Siege PRS matchBlack Branch is a proud sponsor of the Bushnell Elite Tactical Vapor Trails Steel Siege match on September 28-29, 2019.

Extreme Long Range Shooting OrganizationBlack Branch is a proud sponsor of the Extreme Long Range Shooting Organization.

National Rifle League .22 match: St. Louis Bench Rest Rifle ClubBlack Branch is a proud sponsor of the NRL .22 St. Louis Bench Rest Rifle Club match on April 13th.