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Charlie Bag

The Charlie bag fit in between a large and a small bag I use a lot. Buddy had one of these and
Found myself borrowing it enough it was time to get my own.
Bag came filled enough that I am going to take a bit out so it is not quite so solid. This is NOT a complaint by any means. Bought a few bags that were not full enough from other vendors in the past.
Nice “grippy” material not to much so as to make slight adjustments and not slick like some nylon covers.


Amazing bags, the grip on them is incredible. The way they conform to barricades is impressive. The fill is top notch, couldn't recommend enough.

Very well built

The bag is legit

Good Stuff

The construction looks good and the anti-slip is great for a bag. Longevity will only come with time and use. So far, so good.

Great stuff

These folks have a bit of an edge over others with the sticky material in many vital places. I use the bags for many shooting situations. I don't consider these bags for PRS, NRL, etc., only. Each user finds different situations where one of their bags provides the necessary stability. Furry creatures have a habit of finding unique places to hide in such a way that you end up making weird shots.

Neat Bags

The best thing about these bags is the tacky surface in multiple places that assists in maintaining a stable shooting platform. The fill is easy to adjust. Everybody ends up with many bags attempting to solve different shooting situations. This style of the bag fits more situations than some of the competition.

Excellent bag

Sticks to what you need it to just as described

Gecko II Order

Awesome support and follow-up from these guys! Recommend 100%
Great bag too.

Great bag!!

Love this bag!! Been using for a bit. I have zero complaints! Very well made and fill opinions are awesome! I also have a Charlie bag which is amazing as well. Thank you for great gear! Keep up the awesome work!! God bless!!

GREAT bags

I am just getting into PRS and after a lot of reviews I chose this bag as my go to bag! Thank you

Gecko II - Coyote - Coyote ToughTek

Oh yeah

Love it. Very usable as a rear squeeze bag as well. This and a bipod will cover any situation.

Super versatile and stable

Bag is very stable and locks the gun right in. Terrific bag.

Great positional bag for all barricades

Works great for all positional barricades. With the easy fill and multiple fill options it’s very easy to get what you want. The rubber surface really grabs the gun and barricade.

Great rear bag off the bench

Works great for a rear bag and is easily manipulated into position. The rubber surface really grabs the gun and shooting surface.

Mobile solid shooting platform

This bag sticks to everything! great bag, better customer service.

Great product

I was given this rest last deer season to use and loved it. Made well and is versatile for different set ups, especially in a deer stand hung over a window. It is alittle on the expensive side but you definitely get what you pay for.

Gecko II - Barricade Shooting Bag - Coyote

Great bag

Love this bag. Sticks to anything or slope. Works great as rear too.

#1 Built in the USA!!!!
Bag is built really well, longevity isn’t going to be an issue.
Tough yet comfortable material, excellent stability to increase performance!!!!

Best PRS bag period!

The best customer service! The Gecko II is By far the best bag for PRS style shooting. Paired with the rear Charlie you can’t go wrong and will be amazed how well the bags grip and lock. Conforms and is solid locking on many different surfaces. Quality sewn and made. An excellent Made in America product!

Parachute Rigger Approved

I spent a great deal of my early adult life jumping out of perfectly good airplanes (yeah, I know). I became a rigger to ensure the safety and function of equipment. I recognize top quality materials and workmanship. Excellent bag!

Awesome Bag

Works great. Creates a very stable non slip rest that can quickly adjust as required. Highly recommend

Good bag

I like the bag so far. I’ve shot one match with it and some range days.Well made and performs as expected.

Envy gift for father-in-law.

I love my bag and on varmint hunting trips my father-in-law now has a serious affinity as well. The second bag I get will be a clone of my bag with his initials on it. Great bag, great service and I can’t think of a better compliment than buy two.