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Responsive Locking Fill


Our unique fill materials allow your bag to quickly conform to the shooting surface and the shape you need to give you just the right amount of support where you need it. Because the fills bind rather than slip, they provide a solid shooting platform that consistently responds to your slightest squeeze to easily fine-tune each shot.

Each fill offers a unique feel and can be mixed together to provide the weight and feel each shooter is looking for to perform at peak performance. Our fills range in weight from .038 to 2.8 lbs per liter. This puts the Gecko II weighing 8 ounces and maxing out the weight just over 12 pounds! All of our fills are chosen for their durability and longevity in heavy use. 

With our Quick Fill design, it is easy to change or refill each bag to get the right feel for the environment and weather. Competing in the rain? Don't fret, just empty the bag and hang dry. 

We will always offer high quality fill to match our high quality bags. 


Our Elite fill offers a feel unlike any fill offer by competitors. This durable engineering grade polymer is custom formulated for a softer, rubber feel that cushions without feeling spongy. This polymer is extremely resilient and returns to its original shape after getting compressed. The larger pellets fill out the bags without increasing the weight like our sand option. This fill is considered to be the Jack-of-all-Trades in our lineup; having a medium weight while offering a cushioned support. Unlike the harder pellet fills, the Elite fill in our bags are comfortable enough to kneel or lay on. This has been a staple in the Black Branch lineup and is the best seller. This fill is a good place to start your journey into PRS. 

 Elite Fill


STANDARD FILL - 1.431 lbs/L

Our Standard fill is rigid, durable plastic pellets. This fill has a feel close to other common fills, but provides the durability and longevity. Its oblong cylinder shape provides a structure that remains in place under load and its smooth surface allows the pallets to move freely when moving the bag from station to station. With the higher density, the fill is favored when combining with buckwheat and SpexLite 5064 amongst performance shooters. 

 Standard Fill

BUCKWHEAT FILL - 0.394 lbs/L 

Formally known as our lightweight fill, this is a durable, organic choice when reducing the overall weight of each bag. The buckwheat hulls provide volume without the weight of ordinary fill. The unique shape of the hull provides a soft and stable feel that retains its shape when molded, but springs back to its original shape when moved. This lightweight fill is perfect for activities that require long treks through the wilderness or actively moving from place to place. The buckwheat hulls combine with other fill better than any other of our fills and is a staple to each shooter to have a high control over the weight and fill of their bags. 

As buckwheat hulls are used as an organic mulch, it is widely known to be durable and weather resistance. When wet, the buckwheat hulls grip to the other fill and provide a very solid base, however you will need to dry the hulls to keep the longevity of the fill.

 Buckwheat Fill

PLATINUM FILL - 1.625 lbs/L

Our Platinum fill is a rigid, dense cylindrical polymer with a white color. Having similar characteristics as the Standard fill, the oblong cylinder shape provides a structure to support the heaviest of firearms and smooth enough to quickly adjust to conform around the rifle. The density difference from the Standard fill correlates to around a 2 pound difference in the Gecko II. This is a perfect fill for shooting on solid surfaces that doesn't require quick or repetitive movement from location to location. This is a perfect fill to include in your bag is you want weight closer to sand, but don't want to worry about the bag getting wet. When combined with other fills, it is perfect replacement for the Standard fill. 

 Platinum Fill

GOLD FILL - 1.350 lbs/L

Our Gold fill, name chosen from its clear yellow color, provides a very unique feel and performance in our shooting bags. The fill is an oblong shape, some pellets being closer to a teardrop shapes than a sphere and has a tacky exterior surface. The pellets are harder than the Elite fill but softer than the Standard fill. The Gold fill does not slip when under load, even though the round shape provides a significant increase in movement with the bag. Being very close in the size and density of the Standard Fill, you could almost call this the new Gold Standard. Jokes aside, this fill pair very well with the Buckwheat fill to have a full bag that weighs similarly to a full bag of Elite fill in the Gecko II. 

 Gold Fill

SPEXLITE 5524B FILL - 0.038 lbs/L

Here at Black Branch we decided to partner with SpexLite to expand the fill we offer to our clients. The 5524B is a ultra-lightweight fill that is large, durable and soft. This fill is perfect for pump pillows, support bags and overall weight reduction to all our bags. Any activity that weight plays an important factor on gear choice, the 5524B is must. The fill floats when mixed with other fills, so if you are looking for a soft top and a heavy bottom, this is your go-to fill. For a lightweight bag with support, pair the 5524B with the Buckwheat fill. 

 SpexLite 5524B

SPEXLITE 5064 FILL - 0.125 lbs/L 

This SpexLite offering is a lightweight fill that will become a strong contender in the shooting field. Smaller than the 5524B, the size does not stop it from being a solid choice to replace the Buckwheat fill. This is a round, durable, and soft poly pellet, which compresses under load and springs back immediately to its former shape. This fill combines better with other fills over the 5524B, which has a more consistent mixture throughout the bag. You would not go wrong to pick up a liter of this fill. 

 SpexLite 5064

SAND FILL - 2.8 lbs/L

It's just sand, right? Yes, but there are different types and grades of sand. We have spent significant time looking into what type of sand would provide the best stability and weight, while maintaining a consistent feel. The play sand at your local hardware store has all different grades of sand mixed to make the composition. Some of the sand is too small and will filter through the hook & loop opening in the bags, while others the grades are too large to have the correct feel. We believe we found the best sand to do the job, providing the performance and stability inside the bags. 



Each of our Responsive Locking Fill is great as a stand-alone product. However, here at Black Branch, we feel that each bag should be personalized to each person in the look and performance. We encourage each person to tailor their fill to suit their needs to perform at the highest level. Each fill has a specific feel and is only enhanced by mixing with one or more fills together. Want more volume? Use our Buckwheat or SpexLite options mixed with the middle weight options, such as the Elite fill. Want a heavy bag? Add out Platinum or Sand options to any of the other fill options. 

Mixed Fills