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Responsive Locking Fill


Our unique fill materials allow your bag to quickly conform to the shooting surface and the shape you need to give you just the right amount of support where you need it. Because the fills bind rather than slip, they provide a solid shooting platform that consistently responds to your slightest squeeze to easily fine-tune each shot.

Long-time shooters know that ordinary plastic pellets lose shape and can compress over time. The compression of the ordinary plastic pellets requires the addition of more fill to maintain the desired bag performance.

We tested polymers for more than six months before selecting specific engineering polymers for our Responsive Locking Fill™. These high quality, more expensive cutting-edge performance polymers were developed for the automotive industry: They’re resilient, durable, and moisture-resistant. 


Our Elite fill offers a feel unlike any produced before. This durable engineering grade polymer is custom formulated for a softer, gel-like feel that cushions without feeling spongy. It offers surprising stability and just feels great in your hand. This polymer is extremely resilient and returns to its original shape after getting “squeezed”.



Our standard fill is rigid, durable plastic pellets (a proprietary engineering grade polymer) that have a high density. This fill has a feel close to other common fills, but provides the durability and longevity that is unmatched. The higher density provides the most stable base for applications that require the support bag to remain in place.



Our lightweight fill is a durable, organic buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls provide volume without the weight of ordinary fill. The unique shape of the hull provides a soft and stable feel that retains its shape when molded. This lightweight fill is perfect for activities that require long treks through the wilderness or actively moving from place to place.



Each of our Responsive Locking Fill is great as a stand-alone product. However, here at Black Branch, we feel that each bag should be personalized to each person in the look and performance. We encourage each person to tailor their fill to suit their needs to perform at the highest level. We have tested the combination of our three Responsive Locking Fills and found a great ratio with each fill which can be ordered in each bag.