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Author: Justin Starkey
Written: July 18, 2019
Turn almost any surface into a stable shooting platform.

 The Gecko II barricade bag turns almost any surface into a stable shooting platform.

The Spider-Bag, The Suction-Cup, The Gum-Stuck-To-Your-Shoe; No matter what you call this shooting bag, the name holds true – The Gecko II holds on to whatever it comes into contact with.


The Gecko II isn’t just a barricade bag; it’s more like a Swiss Army knife for positional shooting. While its main design focus is based around shooting from barricades, it can do much more. It works great as a rear bag by laying it on its side, or toss it on the hood of a car to provide a wide supportive base. It is so versatile that you can set it on top of a large rock, a T-post, the side of a fence post – literally almost anywhere.

The Gecko II can be used as a solid base to steady a range finder or binoculars. Shooting off of barrels, tank traps, roof tops, floating platforms – the possibilities are endless. This tool provides the shooter with the ability to fill just about any gap and steady almost any shot.


The Gecko II being used as a rear bag.


At first glance, the overall design of the Gecko II isn’t wholly unique. What sets it apart, however, does so in a big way. The entire top and bottom of the bag utilizes a stick-fast material, which grabs on to any surface. Pair that with the patented Elite fill, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The outside of the bag allows you to create a solid interface with whatever you’re shooting from. The bag also grips the stock of your rifle, which helps manage recoil while ensuring a solid base for your follow up shots. The sticky surface of the bag actually works so well that it still holds in place even when you haven’t made a secure connection with the barricade.

The Elite fill performs its duties well, and sometimes without you even noticing. Have you ever shot from the prone using a bipod and a rear bag, only to notice that you’re having to constantly hold pressure on your rear bag to keep your crosshairs where you want them? That’s one of the problems that the Elite fill aims to address. The bag stays in the position that you set it in, which leaves you to focus on the shot rather than if you’re squeezing hard enough.

The same applies when shooting from a small barricade, such as a round-tube gate. The last thing you need is your bag losing shape right as your trigger breaks. The Gecko II retains that supportive shape until you purposefully move it.


Don’t be afraid to put the bag through its paces. It’s as durable as the rest of your gear and was designed with hard use in mind. This means when approaching a stage, or stalking a hunt, there’s no need for hesitation. The Gecko II can handle anything you toss at it, or anything you toss it at! If it were to fail, rest assured that Black Branch has you covered.

Give it a chance to be the best, most versatile positional shooting bag you’ve ever used.


Justin Starkey lives in South Texas with his wife, 3 kids and 4 horses. Justin spends most of his time working as a Support Engineer for a large MSP, listening to Podcasts and day dreaming about being at the range. In his past, he was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas with 2/8 CAV 1 Cavalry Division being deployed twice to Iraq.