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Responsive Locking Fill

Responsive Locking Fill

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Our unique fill materials allow your bag to quickly conform to the shooting surface and the shape you need to give you just the right amount of support where you need it. Because the fills bind rather than slip, they provide a solid shooting platform that consistently responds to your slightest squeeze to easily fine-tune each shot.

Each fill offers a unique feel and can be mixed together to provide the weight and feel each shooter is looking for to perform at peak performance. Our fills range in weight from .038 to 2.8 lbs per liter. This puts the Gecko II weighing 8 ounces and maxing out the weight just over 12 pounds! All of our fills are chosen for their durability and longevity in heavy use. 

With our Quick Fill design, it is easy to change or refill each bag to get the right feel for the environment and weather. Competing in the rain? Don't fret, just empty the bag and hang dry. 

We will always offer high quality fill to match our high quality bags. 


Select multiple fills to create a mixture to a 1:1 ratio for a desired weight or feel. For further descriptions on the types of fills, please visit the Product Features page under Responsive Locking Fill.


(Elite-Platinum) This fill mixture would have an average of 1.353 lbs/L. The filled bag would have an approximate weight of 4.33 lbs plus the weight of the bag.

(Elite-SpexLite-Light) This fill mixture would have an average of 0.603 lbs/L. The filled bag would have an approximate weight of 1.93 lbs plus the weight of the bag.


Gecko II - 4.3L  /  Gecko Tail - 1.7L  /  Rear Bag Charlie - 1.7L 

Kite - 3.2L  /  Soaring Kite - 3.2L  /  Remnant - 0.7L

Bench Bag Kilo - 10.49L


If you would like to purchase multiple different fills, add each fill/mixture (with quantity) to the cart as a separate line item.

Example: If you would like to purchase 5 liters of Elite Fill and 3 liters of the mixture of Elite/SpexLite.

First, select the Elite fill option, choose the quantity of 5, then hit add to cart.

Next, navigate back to the Responsive Locking Fill page.

Then, select the Elite and SpexLite fill, choose the quantity of 3, then hit add to cart.


To learn more about our responsive locking fills, please visit our Product Features page.

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Craig Branstetter
Elite and Gold Responsive fill

Black Branch makes great products!! Elite and Gold mixed one to one in a barricade bag is perfect!! Shipping is FAST too!!